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Darren Ambler ,Cyber-Stalking – Aftermath- Victim


Darren Ambler ,Cyber-Stalking – Aftermath- Victim

I do use the Internet for business. I have been fortunate. I started a new job nine months ago as an Assistant VP-Of Marketing Relations. Years of hard work paid off. Recently a co-worker’s daughter was experiencing on-line stalking, just as I did. Therefore, I chose to respond on this forum.

I am the person that Darren Ambler Cyber Stalked on Facebook in 2016. I was aware that my Case was on this web site. My attorney released my case to a legal database as a result the Case appears on this forum.

My attorney/friend encouraged me to finally speak up and express my thoughts on my case. I have never spoken publicly about my experience since the matter was settled.

I will begin with generalizations about my stalker & the Cyber Bullying that I experienced. I consider my Stalker Cruel, Immoral, Cold, Socially disconnected and in denial about having emotional problems. Yes, I am describing the person that stalked me, Mr. Ambler.

I met my Stalker in 2014 and a friendship developed. Friendship lasted about two years. From day one I knew Mr. Ambler had issues but he seemed like a nice guy. Also, it’s hard for me to say this now but I did care about him.

I discovered Darren was living a double and distorted life. After learning about Mr. Ambler’s Immoral and secretive life I confronted him. The friendship terminated the same day. I was shaken but glad to get him out of my life.

Within days Darren began stalking me on Facebook. We shared several Facebook friends. Mr. Ambler did not want me communicating with shared FB friends. He feared I would tell them about his Immorality, Odd Behaviors & the Lying. “Truth Always Hurts”.

Darren began Spying on my Facebook activities daily. He contacted numerous Facebook friends with Slanderous lies about me. In addition, my Stalker ordered select Facebook friends to “Unfriend ” me and stop communication with me. The messenger logs and IP Data provided powerful evidence that was obtained by attorney via “Court Ordered” Subpoena..

Mr. Ambler was not discreet about his Cyber Stalking. He used Facebook messenger &other tools in order to stalk me on the Facebook forum. My Stalker used his home Lap top and occasionally used Internet resources from his work. Not a smart move. Darren Ambler left a paper trail of Powerful Evidence that would have won the case. My attorney concluded we had a “slam dunk” case.

Most Cyber Stalkers think they are clever. In my situation, I knew exactly what was going on and my attorney was always one step ahead of my stalker. No one ever said on line bullies were “Smart”. Darren Ambler’s plan Backfired badly. Everything he did in attempt to hurt me ended up hurting him.

Cyber Stalkers usually know their victims. Many stalkers have emotional disturbances. This kind of person hides behind a computer screen spying, harassing and tormenting their intended target. The situation can become more serious over time.

I was Cyber Stalked on Facebook and it was a bad experience. There is no way my stalker (Darren Ambler) can justify his actions. He was trying to control, Intimidate and punish me because I found out he was living a less than respectable life. Darren should be angry at himself not me.

I did not deserve to be Cyber Stalked by Darren Ambler. I did nothing wrong. Mr. Ambler did plenty that was wrong. He has no Shame. Cyber crimes are Felony matters.

I will say that I am much brighter than Darren Ambler ever gave me credit for. I am not easily manipulated and I have a great deal of common sense something that my Stalker never had. . I also have connections with Attorneys, Police and Court Officials. I was stalked on Facebook for over three months.

I am a nice guy but when a person lies and tries to make a fool of me then I will fight back. I have good friends and My family is Awesome I don’t need “Garbage” in my life no one does. Darren is not on my level and never will be. I consider him so beneath me. Most people probably do. I have moved on and I focus on Family and Career. I only associate with stable people that have similar interests.

Darren and I were total opposites. Never had a friend that led double life or had many secrets. Our backgrounds were different, our upbringing was different. Also, our morals, beliefs and principles were worlds apart. Darren seemed to be in his own world with his own rules. A very cold and selfish person. He did terrible things to me.

Our differences and Darren’s emotional problems made him a terrible Choice for a friend. I just didn’t realize this early on. I tried to help him but it was hopeless and he can never be trusted . A person that lives a twisted life can’t be a good friend to anyone. Too many things to hide from others. I have no respect for him.

Mr. Ambler was lucky when we decided not to go to trial. We had a slam dunk winning case. No defense would have gotten Darren Ambler off the hook. The Evidence was Concrete and Convincing. A trial would have been a humiliating experience that could have ruined his future. My attorney has a 43 page file on Ambler full of Evidence and Facts. He would have been “Destroyed” in Court.

IP addresses/,computer logs make excellent evidence in cyber stalking cases. In my case, a court ordered Subpoena was obtained. This was necessary for Facebook to release confidential data about my stalker. The evidence was compelling. My attorney allowed me to read every message Mr. Ambler wrote about me which he sent to other Facebook members. It was hard for me to read the vicious lies Mr. Ambler wrote about me. Mr. Ambler tried to discredit me so Facebook friends would reject anything I told them about Darren’s sick and sorted life. Subpoenas force an organization to turn over confidential data about a person.

Facebook was great. They fully cooperated. It is sad when a 40 plus year old man can’t handle a Facebook account like a mature adult. The attorney felt Mr. Ambler was a very Troubled individual. The more serious issue was his total disregard for cyber laws and other people.

I do have standards. My Stalker deserved punishment. I just wanted to get him and the case out of my life. If we did go to trial it would have involved a lot of time with depositions, hearings etc. In addition, court costs could be excessive. I have a life to live, family, friends and job obligations. Stalkers are sick and desperate. They bring about nothing but Pain & unrest.

After all Darren Ambler did he deserved to be punished in court for breaking the laws &harassing me. He would have ended up with felony record. This would have messed up his future. I guess as much as I dislike him, I didn’t want too see him destroyed.

Darren led a double and twisted life or existence. A life of lies, betrayal and secrets must be a miserable existence. True friends don’t Lie and Betray you. Inappropriate behavior always catches up with you.

I have a “Rule”- I never do anything that would bring embarrassment or shame to my family or myself. A loving spouse makes a big difference.

Cyber Stalkers can be vicious. You can’t allow them to win in the end. They try to control their Victims. You need to let these disturbed people know that you are in control. People tend to forget the long term impact Cyber Stalkers leave on their victims. Fear, Betrayal, Anger can be very real for Cyber Bully Victims.

I am becoming involved with Cyber Bullying groups. I hope i can make a difference. I will be speaking at an engagement in Towson MD in April. I hope sharing my story encourages others to come forward and put their stalker out of commission. It seems, a large number of teenagers are being cyber stalked by someone they know. This is very concerning. Most Cyber Bullies know their victims and their life patterns.

If you are being bullied on line call Authorities ASAP. Never overlook Stalking behaviors. Seek legal Counsel if necessary.

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  1. The Conference on April 17th was Awesome! Very informative. The main speaker was rather handsome and well versed. It brought necessary attention to the whole Cyber bullying issue. My daughter went through this 11 months ago and still suffers the aftermath. She is in therapy.


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