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Cody Powers Stalking Webmaster From Oceanside Area

Cody Powers Stalking Webmaster From Oceanside Area

We have reason to believe that a man named Cody Powers has been stalking the owner of from the Oceanside, California area recently by attempting to locate his home for the purpose of sending unwanted communications or subjecting him to unwanted contact by third parties. We know this because our post office accidentally sent us a response to his request for information identifying the box owner to his name at OUR post office box (see above image). This is just the latest example of incompetence from a post office known for putting mail in the wrong boxes.

We have a zero tolerance policy for people that stalk us for any reason whatsoever. Mr. Powers appears to have used digital means in the course of his stalking activities thus justifying his inclusion in the cyberstalking section of this website. We also have reason to suspect that we are not his only victims.

Foul Speakers is a search engine and web archive. It aggregates content from around the internet and the content that seems to be Mr. Powers’ motivation for stalking us was originally found on You can verify that by checking the source link above this article next to “More Info:” Foul Speakers is not associated with Dirty Scam and because it is a search engine it does not have any records of who originally posted the source article on Dirty Scam. We suspect that Mr. Powers is probably stalking the owners of Dirty Scam, but we have no evidence to confirm our suspicions at this time. He has however admitted to us via email to stalking the owners of various websites and worded his message as if intended to make us feel threatened that if we didn’t remove the content that we would be stalked too.

Mr. Powers should be aware that he is wasting his time. Dirty Scam and Foul Speakers are not legally responsible for the content of their websites due to Section 230 of the CDA. Powers appears to think that he can compel Foul Speakers to remove its link if he can obtain the support of government officials in California. That is not true. As Foul Speakers clearly states it will not work with any government officials outside of Iceland because that is where the server is located, so they are the only government officials capable of overruling the webmaster on any matter. In the even that any government official outside of that country requests that Foul Speakers remove a page against their will that official will be told “no.”

We also believe that Mr. Powers is working with a woman by the name of Melodee Eva-Zacchara. He has given us information indicating that Ms. Eva-Zacchara may have a history of becoming a snitch by giving law enforcement incriminating information about someone, but due to a lack of material we have decided not to write a piece about her for the Anti-Snitch Initiative project at this time. Ms. Eva-Zacchara appears to be the subject of a large number of unsubstantiated internet postings accusing her of scams and/or cheating on her sexual partners. To Mr. Powers’ credit we do not consider such posts to be credible. In fact, we explain on Foul Speakers that the foul speakers whose work is aggregated by the site are often liars. That is why the header section of the site contains the sentence “Don’t Believe What You Read on the Internet!” It is our hope that by teaching people not to use posts like the ones about Powers and Eva-Zacchara as the basis for conclusions that society will learn not to respond inappropriately to such things. To further those ends we have developed a test for people to use before deciding whether to believe what they read online and we hope that anyone thinking of giving the reports about Mr. Powers or Ms. Eva-Zacchara any credit without investigating further take that test ( Such a societal change is necessary because free speech rights dictate that people will always have the need to post allegations online anonymously even if they have no evidence to back them up. If such claims were deleted then people who know the truth, but cannot prove it would not be able to speak online anymore. That would not be acceptable, but at the same time people need to be skeptical of such things. The problem at the moment is that many people are too lazy to look beyond headlines before making decisions based on them.

Since we are also the owners of the reputation management service that Mr. Powers would have to use to get this report buried on search engines we feel the need to state that there is only one way we are willing to remove this report. It would be for Mr. Powers to curtail his activities with regards to the content on Foul Speakers. Therefore this report is not eligible for PAARIS. The content that seems to be the driving force behind Mr. Powers’ motivations is still technically eligible for PAARIS Silver, but we don’t think that Mr. Powers would be a great candidate due to the number of other negative articles about him ranking high on search engines and the existence of third party services working with those sites. If he applied for PAARIS we would most likely refer him to third party services that also have relationships with the other websites. We often do that even though we make far less working with those services.

In addition, he claims to be using the phone number (323) 763-0522. He is known to use the email addresses jmaccabeus1[at] and cody.powers[at] That phone number uses a Los Angeles area code. Oceanside is between San Diego and Los Angeles. He personally stated in an email to Foul Speakers “The State assigns us a State owned mailing address and other things to assist in concealing our locations. It also provides special privacy laws and other state services that work directly with service providers to have us removed from the internet.” From that we believe that he and Ms. Eva-Zacchara live together. It would also explain why we had difficulty finding an address in southern California for him personally, but we also suspect his name of possibly being a variant of Cody Powers. We did not however have such problems at it pertains to Ms. Eva-Zacchara whose last known address is 3265 BRIGHTWOOD CT, OCEANSIDE, CA 92058. That property is owned by BOC Trust. It is common for people seeking to hide their location to purchase property through a trust so that their association with the address does not become widely available online via property records. That location is also blurred on Google maps which is typical of homes that are part of government protection programs. We saw the same thing last year in the case of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan whose home address was removed from public records due to her prior employment as the United States Attorney for the Western District of Washington ( Sometimes people screw up by using their address for something and it ends up in public records anyway. We believe that to be the case here.

Mr. Powers warned us “In the past, we have had to subpoena website service providers, to establish the website owners, then subpoena the website owners, for the information about the poster. This seems to upset the website owners because many wish to remain anonymous, because each subpoena becomes public record and searchable online.” He is correct, we do not like it, so we recommend that he cease his activities and provide proof that they have in fact ceased before that type of information ends up in online documents. That is all we require for this report to be removed. If he wants to make his location a secret as much as he claims then leaving us alone is the best way for him to accomplish that objective.

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