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How do your countries address school violence/bullying in …

How do your countries address school violence/bullying in …

How do your countries address school violence/bullying in schools and workplace?

Did you guys have a lot of bullies or bullying scandals in your middle school or high school? If so, what happened and how was it solved? Ever since like three days ago, there’s been a lot of bullying scandals involving different celebrities (female and male idols/actors and athletes) and ‘victims’ coming forward with their stories. Some of the accusations have been debunked and some haven’t yet. South Korea is known for having a really bad bullying/harassment problem at least every school has their group of bully/thugs (일진) and it seems like now people are finally starting to expose their stories and truths.

Bullying/School violence (학폭) is such a huge problem in this country, a few years back there was even this scandal about this girl who got bullied by her classmates and was completely disfigured and injured so so badly ( The issue is teachers, police, or anybody in power don’t do anything about it and it’s not like the bullying you see in some western shows. Bullying in Korea is harassment where people are violently beaten up or verbally harassed, hence contributing to the number of suicides in schools and work place. In cases of school most of the teachers, don’t really help and some parents don’t care and their students are seen as weak and useless.

There’s already a huge list of those celebrities accused within the past few days:
1. Jin Dal Rae (Singer, Admitted)
2. Too’s Woongi (Singer, Resolved)
3. Jo Byeong Gyu (Actor, accusations)
4. G-IDLE’s Soojin (Singer, addressed and admitted to some of the facts)
5. G-IDLE’s Soyeon (Rapper, accusations)
6. Park Hye Soo (Actress, Proven false)
7. Kim Dong Hee (Actor, accusations)
8. Seventeen’s Mingyu (Singer, Proven false)
9. Jin Hae Seong (Singer, accusations)
10. The Boys’s Sunwoo (Rapper, accusations (resurfaced))
11. Kim So Hye (Actress, Proven false and legal action taken)
12. Stray Kids’s Hyunjin (Dancer/Rapper, Proven false)
13. LOONA’s Chuu (Singer, accusations (Most likely false))
14. LOONA’s Hyunjin (Singer, accusations (Most likely false))
15. EVERGLOW’s Aisha (Singer, accusations (Most likely false))
16. MONSTA X’s Kihyun (Singer, accusations (resurfaced))

Additionally, there was also a huge bullying scandal around a week ago involving the female volleyball team, where twins, Lee Da Young and Lee Jae Young, from the national volleyball team accused the top player, Kim Yeon Koung, of bullying them and belittling them but was proven to be made up and actually false. Another player from the male volleyball team, Park Chul Woo, accused their coach for bullying and harassment. There was also a rapper, Kang Hyun, who was accused of rape from when he was 17 years old. Another scandal was with AOA Jimin, where she was accused of bullying her team member Kwon Mina and mentally harassing her to the point where she was about to commit suicide and was put on suicide watch and medication after multiple psychiatric evaluation.


I wanted this to be a question but it was too long of a description but ‘How do your countries address bullying in schools and workplace?’

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