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Bullying in Schools Issue and Parents –

Stop Bullying

Bullying in Schools Issue and Parents –

Discuss about the Bullying in Schools Issue and Parents.

Bullying in schools should be taken seriously in whichever form. Looking at the reported cases of bullying in schools, the number is staggering. Basically, bullying is viewed as a serious concern affecting lives of different kids; those doing it, those getting bullied as well as those standing nearby (The Trentonian 2018). It does not only take place in schoolyards, though this is where it begins, it also happens on the playgrounds and often, teachers do nothing about it. It usually happens in the high schools, where bullies have a lot of the resources used in tormenting their victims. Somehow, bullying in school has to stop (The Press 2018). Something has to be done in preventing bullying at the start, and it begins with those individuals charged with providing guidance to the students. Whether it is the couches, pastors, parents, or school administrators, there is need to take an active responsibility in expressing to the students that bullying is unacceptable (Mindanao Times 2018).

Bullying is the aggressive, unwanted behaviour amongst school kids which entails perceived or real power of the imbalance (Mindanao Times 2018). This behaviour is usually repeated or has probability of being repeated over time. It includes certain actions like spreading gossips, making intimidations, confronting somebody vocally or physically and eliminating an individual from the group on purpose. This act usually takes numerous forms and some students might not even understand that they are being bullied (The Press 2018). Such could be amongst peer-to-pear or classmates bullying, sexual harassment or gender based discrimination which could result in psychological punishment and physical assault.

Anti-bullying Act usually gives some guidelines that all the school students should be protected from any sort of bullying and to make sure safe environment is provided for school children. Under this Act, nobody is spared from any form of bullying in schools. Some are more vulnerable from bullying as a result of economic class, physical capabilities or sexual orientation. Some children could be unmindful and cruel of hurting feelings of their schoolmates or they might ignore it if not properly guided (The Press 2018).

Many of the bullying cases go unreported where individuals responsible for protecting the children in school neglect their responsibilities to avoid conflict with paperwork and parents (Mindanao Times 2018). In fact, a good number of the school officials and administrators are worried on what poor bullying grade would do to their financing and thus these same institutions have been a bit unwilling to suitably post their bullying grades. But that hardly matters in case no bullying case gets reported. Some individuals think bullying could never happen to them, which could do. Bullying can happen to anyone in school and could take a wide range of harmful forms, from psychological and verbal abuse to physical harms (The Trentonian 2018).

School-aged kids wish to be liked by some of their pears. Nonetheless, being subjected to mockery and taunts pointlessly sullies children’s learning atmosphere by introducing daily uncertainties and anxieties on what would transpire from the first day to next (The Press 2018). Often, bullying leaves no marks of the corporal abuse thought it leaves lots of the internal suffering. All this leaves intimidated students with confusion on whether to navigate various sorts of the hectic predicaments at young age. They are left with various questions on whether they should fight back? Whether they should tell their parents? Their teachers? Or whether they should tell other students? Or whether they should remain silent and hope they could ride the bullying out and it would all end? In this form of environment, it would be hectic for the students to do their homework or learn. It could even result in suicide and in some instances it could result in armed retribution by abused students (The Trentonian 2018).

To sum it up, whether it is kids to kids, or adults against the kids, this disgraceful act cannot be tolerated and as citizens it should not be permitted or they should not be allowed to go unreported once they occur. Therefore, it is the high time for every individual in the society to check if the laws that promote and protect children’s well-being are being executed and mostly enjoyed by the kids.


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