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Pittsburgh Public Schools Proactive In Anti-Bullying Efforts

Pittsburgh Public Schools Proactive In Anti-Bullying Efforts

PITTSBURGH, PA – National Bullying Prevention Month occurs every October, and it shines the spotlight on how school districts address instances and consequences of bullying. How do the Pittsburgh Public Schools address the problem?

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The district defines bullying as intentional, aggressive behavior(s) that may be verbal, physical, written or electronic, aimed at another student or students, for the purpose of creating fear or intimidation by harming physically, mentally or emotionally. It may be direct or indirect, with face-to-face interactions or by spreading rumors, sharing inappropriate pictures or demeaning a student using social media.

Each school has a student assistance team that is available to provide information on bully prevention programming and support services. The team can receive and process referrals for any students who may be victims or perpetrators of bullying. In addition, the district has a compliance officer for bullying and harassment who is available to provide information, answer questions or assist with resolving problems with bullying.

Students who have been the victim of, or have information about, bullying or harassment are strongly encouraged to make a report to the school. A teacher, counselor, school social worker or school administrator will field complaints and ensure that they are properly addressed under the

district’s bullying and harassment policy.

Complaints of bullying or harassment are investigated by the school principal or a designee, such as an assistant principal, school counselor or social worker. Findings of the investigation are provided to all individuals involved in the incident and a copy of the report is maintained by the bullying and harassment compliance officer.

If the investigation reveals that bullying or harassment has occurred, corrective actions can include separating the students involved, assigning students to counseling or instituting discipline consistent with the Code of Student Conduct.

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