Wed. Feb 24th, 2021

Survey highlights extent of workplace bullying in NZ

Survey highlights extent of workplace bullying in NZ

An alarming glimpse into New Zealand’s workplace culture.

The Council of Trade Unions has conducted a survey that’s found 42 percent of New Zealanders have experienced or observed workplace bullying. 

Although the percentage has lowered slightly since the year before, CTU Secretary Melissa Ansell-Bridges says it’s still far too high.

“Having that many feeling that bullying is an issue in their workplace is way, way too high. An unacceptably high number.”

The survey also found that, with the added stresses of Covid-19, many feel like they’re left in limbo.

Ansell-Bridges says the results are concerning.

“We know that bullying at work is widespread, but I think that that number would be surprising for many.”


Published at Sun, 17 Jan 2021 13:47:00 +0000

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