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Aditi Sharma’s mother gets abused on social media, actress …

Aditi Sharma’s mother gets abused on social media, actress …

Mumbai: Renowned television personality Aditi Sharma, who was last seen in
Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka alongside Vikram Singh Chauhan, has raised her voice against cyberbullying after her mother was targeted on social media.

Recently, Aditi had commented on a post by Vikram, which did not go down well with some of the fans, and in return, they abused her, and even her mother, and even called them names.

Aditi, who was very disturbed by the incident, told
Mirror Online that people need to be kinder. “Celebrities are soft targets. But we actors are no robots. We do have emotions as well! I manage to ignore the distasteful messages a thousand times. But it does get to you at one point,” she said.

She added, “And what is scary is that some of these trolls are the same people who comment on my pictures with beautiful captions. And then, they come back to my handle to say nasty things to me. Whether it’s a cry for attention, or something else, social media bullying is a serious concern that has to be put a full stop to.”

Aditi went on to say that not everyone is born with thick skin, and though celebs might put up a strong face, they are not immune to the unwarranted hate they receive. “I expect people to be kinder and more empathetic towards each other. And no matter how strong-headed one is, or how good they are at ignoring such comments, no one is immune to it! No one should be subjected to such hate comments,” she said.

On Thursday, Aditi had even shared a video of herself on Instagram wherein she hoped that her haters get well soon. “May God bless you and your tiny little brain,” she had said.

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