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Lisa Michele Bowling (Pandora’s Box, Analyzer)

Lisa Michele Bowling (Pandora’s Box, Analyzer)

This person is on YouTube under the name Pandora Box, she closes down her channel but always opens another one with the same name attached. She used to go under the name Analyzer where she faked Cancer to get donations from her viewers for “treatment” she didn’t need. Made nearly $3000 and still hasn’t paid any of that back.

Her channel picks a new victim every week, she has her main supporters that encourage and do some of her work for her, these include Tera Galloway who goes by the name Evelyn Shelton and is using someone elses pictures to catfish people and using her therapy training to emotionally manipulate and control people. She also is a huge Twitter bully going by the name Evelyn_Shel.

These people in the past month have destroyed me mentally, shown my private emails and text messages on youtube live and made fun of my mental illness, a mental illness which has got progressively worse due to their mind games and bullying tactics.

She has done this to many people over the past 2 years or so and keeps getting away with it over and over again, she is dangerous, and also been known to stalk her exes sending threatening text messages to them all the time, she faked a miscarriage for attention and does the crocodile tears when things aren’t about her.

Evelyn is the same, jumping from online relationship to another online relationship controlling and emotionally manipulating the people she is with, including her real life husband who is torn apart by her behaviour with other men online.

Many people have been driven to madness, and even to suicide attempts (myself 4 times in a month) because of these people. They should be avoided like the plague. I’m having to get extra help and support from professionals to fix the gaslighting and brainwashing crap they did to me. These people are dangeous. I have reported to Youtube everytime but she either makes the videos private to hide the proof or deletes her channel and creates a new one.

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  1. I am not totally clear about what the poster is trying to convey to forum members?? why doesn’t someone initiate legal action against her? Someone has to get the ball rolling so she is stopped. If no one takes the first step then nothing is going to resolve.

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