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Re: Facebook/Cyber Stalking Case/ Darren Ambler


Re: Facebook/Cyber Stalking Case/ Darren Ambler


I spend little time on line and I hardly ever waste my valuable time on public web sites such as this one. I do pick up email every two days and I do check my Facebook page about 2x a week. I am just too busy with my Job, Family and other obligations to spend time on line.

I have never spoken publicly on this issue at all. In my family I am prohibited to discuss this at home. I have moved on and do not care to look back. I am the person that Darren Ambler Harassed on Facebook back in 2016. I think I handled this issue with a lot of class and professionalism from day one. It was not always easy. Having a super attorney and friend helped very much.

Actually, when this case reached a conclusion my Attorney asked me if I wanted this published and if so to let his Paralegal know. I agreed and that was that. Case over I went on with my life.

Recently, I spoke to my Attorney and close friend. He told me the name of the web site that my case is posted if I ever had the desire to read it. Out of curiosity I looked at this web site and located my case. I did skim the documents and read some comments. Most comments favorable. Some comments from viewers left me a bit confused.

For once and for all, the case is very carefully explained here. I was once close friends with this guy. I did think things were a bit odd the way Darren acted at times but I trusted him early on and blew it off.

I know now that Darren had a lot of issues and skeletons in his closet. I think he thought he had me conned and that I believed everything he told me. Which after a while I knew he was lying about many things. But I played along. He led me to believe that he was a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. Now I know differently. Darren had friends that I was never allowed to meet. It was part of his other life that I was not included in. I believe now when he met his other friends he probably drank alcohol in their presence. That is the reason I was forbidden to meet them. It would have proven he lied about being sober. There are so many lies and secrets he had I dont want to discuss that issue any further. I found out this guy was doing things that I did not want to believe but they were true. I ended up hurt because he was a good friend at one time and I did care.

Once I confronted Darren about his behavior and lies he flipped out. I was told by others to end the friendship long before this happened but I did not listen. Darren did rotten things to me, went behind my back and bad mouthed me and he threatened me. I realized then this guy is dangerous and could not be trusted. The story is I ended the friendship. He started stalking me and harassing me on Facebook. Mr. Darren also made up horrible lies about me to others. This was in attempt to get focus off what he was doing at that time. Darren also monitored my Facebook page, FB Postings and my friend list. Talk about Paranoia and odd behaviors. Actually, they were illegal behaviors. Facebook does not tolerate Misconduct on their Forum.

He was not discreet about his actions. He left a paper trail of evidence behind that ended up on my attorneys desk. Court Subpoena can obtain critical confidential information that can help win a case.

He sent horrible messages about me to Facebook friends that to this day it still upsets me to think about it. Again, Darren did not use good discretion about covering his tracks during the time he harassed me on Facebook. If you are stalking someone on Facebook do not use Facebook Messenger to spy and transmit defamatory messages about another person. (Very dumb).

I consulted with my friend and attorney and he ordered a FB Investigation. I did intend early on to pursue court action against him. After my attorney got all evidence together we had a strong case. To this day my attorney still says there is no way Mr. Ambler could have explained the evidence in court. He could have gotten in so much legal trouble if I chose to pursue this case. He had NO Defense against the evidence.

There would have been no defense on Mr. Amblers part that could have gotten him off the hook, maybe Insanity Plea. He could have gone to jail, received up to a 25K fine from the court and he may have lost his Pharmacy license for a felony conviction. Cyber stalking is serious business. Mr. Ambler never denied he did this?? Too much proof exists. How can you dispute IP address location and documents from his Facebook account. No Jury would have believed his explanations.

This issue took an odd turn. Darren Ambler took me to court claiming Harassment. My attorney said that is the stupidest thing Darren could have done.

By going after me Mr Ambler forced my attorney into exposing Mr. Ambler and his evil actions in front of a Judge. Bad Move. Again, Lucky for Darren that the case did not go to court. He should have thanked me instead of bad mouthing me. My attorney had quite a bit of evidence neatly arranged and fully prepared to present the evidence to a Judge and Jury if the case would have been pursued.

My attorney and I met one day and he said the main objective is to make Darren Ambler stop harassing me and to keep him off Facebook Indefinitely. Facebook agreed and Banned Darren for Life. My attorney told me that this goes far beyond Darren having Psychological issues , that he also had very selfish and mean streak inside.

I can be a nice guy but do not cross me and try to make a fool of me . Then I come out ready to fight. No way was this guy going to make a fool of me in court or any place else . I do not think this guy could be a good friend, boy friend, husband, brother to anyone. He is too sick and messed up in the head. I dont blame his former spouse for leaving him.

I have to say this period had to be a dark time in my life. I had supportive true friends, family, nice people from my company, a superb wife , kids and an excellent attorney and I got through it. Today life is good.

To litigate the Facebook case could be a definite win but it could take 12 or more months, it would cost me a lot of cash out of pocket and it could be stressful. Plus, my attorney said the outcome could destroy Darren Ambler Financially, Mentally, it could affect his ability to get job and he could lose his kids. My attorney said Mr Ambler is such a sick pitiful creature. He is not worth the aggravation. I just wanted Mr Ambler out of my life and off Facebook. I agreed to drop the case. My family had a Trip to Italy coming up so I did not want to go to court which could have placed a damper on our planned trip. I do not know nor do I care about Mr Ambler just so he leaves me alone. I imagine Darren is worse than before. I just felt compelled to make forum members aware of the truth.

I say go after cyber stalkers. Put them out of commission. Attorneys are costly but it is worth it. I do believe that Cyber stalkers are sick people and anti social behavior is part of it.

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4 thoughts on “Re: Facebook/Cyber Stalking Case/ Darren Ambler

  1. I Read a great deal about this person. For starters, he is a definite bully among other things. I am glad the person that got harassed took action. It doesn’t matter if the case was heard by a Jury of his peers or not. The attorney got some good evidence and this stalker clearly broke the law. I would publish the case also. He acts like an idiot and sick stalker the people should know. It looks like he has sex issues too. A sick and very mixed up individual.

  2. I am not sure that society in general understands the emotional impact Cyber Bullying can have on the Victim. It can make the Victim frightened, paranoid and basically scared to death that their stalker could lash out at them and possibly cause Physical harm. The emotional impact it has on it’s Victims can be enough to place their life and turmoil. Stalking can be about control also. I am in favor of the Stiffiest possible Penalty for these heartless “Psychos”!

  3. My niece was stalked on line first, then in person. It terrified her to the point that she didn’t feel safe in her own home. Which may have saved her life. Her stalker ended up coming to her home to cause harm. Luckily, Police were called and this pathetic creature was locked up. It was determined that this guy was “legally insane’ and he was put in an Institution. After 60 days he was discharged. He was instructed by the courts to keep away from Kimi or face jail time. It seems this “psychopath’ did comply but Kami is always looking over her shoulder for this maniac to attack. Unfortunately , there is not much a person can do until a maniac lashes out with intent to harm.

  4. this dude obviously has issues. be glad he is out of your life for good. He treated you like crap and he will get it back some day either by karma or punishment from God. i know it can hurt when some one that was supposed to be a friend does stuff like this. It think it is fair to say he wasn’t a real friend from the beginning.


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