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How to help your teen overcome Cyber bullying

How to help your teen overcome Cyber bullying

Bullying is a serious problem faced by children. With everything going virtual the threat of cyberbullying is on the raise.

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying, but it is indirect bullying. It is indirect because you do not have to be there to be bullied.

Bully uses social media and the internet to get victims and since nowadays many people use the internet all of us are vulnerable.

And during times when the whole socialization methods are changing due to environmental factors.

We as parents are encouraging our children to move online to maintain social relationships. And the flip side of it is cyberbullying and other technological threats.

Children can be a victim of cyberbullying.  They are vulnerable and can get easily bullied and people or friends or peers with ill intentions take them as targets.

Being bullied has so many bad effects on a child’s development. It affects their social life and harms their mental health. It can lower the self-esteem of a child and even more traumatize them.

How-to help your child overcome this challenge

  1. Talk to your teen about bullying. Talk to them about the types of bullying and what constitutes cyberbullying. Educate your child so they can spot it when it happens.
  2. Monitor the activity of your child on the internet without invading their privacy. Make sure that they are not experiencing any kind of cyber bullying.
  3. Have one on one time with your child. And during these conversations ascertain subtly their mental wellbeing. If you suspect that your child is being bullied. Ask about it directly to your child.
  4. Limit the usage of social media. You can help them avoid being bullied by limiting the use of social media. In this way, they are away from these types of people. Do not be restrictive. Work out a schedule and give them only the optimal amount of time.
  5. Always ask your child if they are okay. Remind them that you are there for them if someone mistreated them. And you will always love them and will do anything to protect them.
  6. Educate your teen and teach them the steps needed to be taken when being cyberbullied. How they should not retaliate, rather record the bullying, and sign out and block the bully completely.
  7. Whenever you get to know that your child is being bullied make sure to take actions. Actions can be anything from talking to your child and educating them on how to handle it to even reporting an abuse.
  8. Engage your teen in more offline real-world activities. These are where true relationships are formed. They are good for your teen for their growth and wellbeing.

A lot of these issues can be solved when you educate your teenager about how to make the right friends and how to deal with toxic people. And exercise caution and not overindulge on the internet.

Also, some time your teen might not be the target of cyber bullying but might witness it. Teach them that they should not participate in it by promoting or liking or forwarding or anyway enabling it. Instead they need to stand up for the victim and report it from their side on the evil that they are witnessing.

Be cognizant of the fact that sometimes our teen can be the bully. Talk to them about the crime that they would be committing if they bully someone. How shameful the act is. And how even what appears to be fun is not fun if it hurts someone. And you are definably not OK with them being a bully.

At times despite your best efforts your child may become a victim of it. Do not be harsh on yourself or feel guilty about it. Stand strong by your kid and protect and love them and nurture them out of the situation and the trauma.

God Bless!!

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