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Near North District School Board launches new online tool …

Near North District School Board launches new online tool …

Bullying takes all shapes and forms, from teasing to social media trolling. This week marks Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. The Near North District School Board is hoping to put a stop to it in a couple of new ways.

One out of every three Canadians has experienced bullying while in school, according to national statistics from Public Safety Canada.

The school board is launching a new, anonymous reporting tool where witnesses, victims or families can report an incident of bullying online to the school. The reporting system is called SAFER SCHOOLS! Reporting Tool.

“It’s something that’s been in the works probably for a number of years,” said Gay Smylie, the school board’s superintendent of safe schools.

Despite the new initiative, the school board still recommends students, parents or community members speak directly to a teacher, principal, vice-principal, or other school staff member regarding personal conflicts or bullying.

“We want to ensure that all problems are dealt with and we can’t do that unless someone it brings it to our attention,” said Smylie.

As part of the week, community leaders like Nipissing First Nation Chief Scott McLeod, North Bay May Al McDonald, Mayor Joanne Savage of West Nipissing and Mayor Jaime McGarvey of Parry Sound released videos to teach students about community and citizenship.

“If we’re going to start addressing bullying, I think we have to look at ourselves first and really judge yourself in how you interact,” said McLeod.

The school board has planned activities and lessons throughout the week, each day focussing on a different aspect of bullying from its safe schools framework.

A link to the SAFER SCHOOLS! Reporting Tool website can be found here.

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