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Mum of Nicole ‘Coco’ Fox backs plans by mobile phone …

Mum of Nicole ‘Coco’ Fox backs plans by mobile phone …

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All mobile phone companies will follow Eir’s lead and include a leaflet on the dangers of cyber-bullying, it emerged yesterday.

Jackie Fox, whose daughter Nicole ended her own life after years of vile abuse and online death threats, said the move is a huge step.

The Dubliner, who campaigns for new legislation known as Coco’s Law, is fully behind the Eir leaflet.

Jackie told the Sunday Mirror: “I’m in contact with Det Chief Supt Declan Daly and he’s involved with the Coco’s Law as well.

“He sent me an email three or four days ago and I’ve to go in for more meetings and every telecommunication company is now putting the leaflets out.”

The Eir message is focused on stamping out cyber-bullying and harassment and it educates children and parents with advice, including how to use parental controls.

Nicole, who was also known as Coco, was just 21 when she took an overdose in January last year. Jackie held her eldest daughter’s hand as the life support machine was switched off. She said she vowed Coco’s death would not be in vain.

a person smiling for the camera: Nicole, 21, who took her own life following years of online torment, as Jackie has vowed to change Ireland's cyber-bullying laws.

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Nicole, 21, who took her own life following years of online torment, as Jackie has vowed to change Ireland’s cyber-bullying laws.

Since then Jackie has blazed a one-woman trail all the way to the Dail, campaigning for new legislation around cyberbullying.

Jackie, from Tallaght, South Dublin added: “I’ve connected with Eir company and they wanted to help and I’ve designed a leaflet for them with Coco’s name and image; they’ve been brilliant.”

She said there was no pressure on the other companies but “they’re just willing to take this on”. The campaigner also revealed she had met with Irish-Bangladeshi model Maksuda Akhter, who has been tormented by “hundreds” of vile messages she receives.

The former Ms Ireland and Miss Earth Ireland 2015 has been targeted by trolls because she models and is a single mum.

Jackie added: “She’s going through an awful time, it’s horrendous. She was asking me for help and what could be done and I told her about Coco’s Law.

“It did [put her mind at ease], she messaged me and said it was great to talk to me and she was so sorry to hear about Nicole.

“I have met up with people that are going through the same thing, that their sons and daughters are actually going through the same right at this very day.”

Jackie said she is delighted with Coco’s Law legislation is progressing and added it is “an honour it’ll be named after her girl.

She insisted it is now a “waiting game” and said it is “important to get this law out as quick as we can because every day you hear of more and more [impacted]”.

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