Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Sonakshi Sinha says “Ab Bas” to cyber bullying, calls for …

Sonakshi Sinha says “Ab Bas” to cyber bullying, calls for …

Following this, Sonakshi Sinha, who has been running a campaign called, Ab Bas to spread awareness on cyber bullying and discuss how deeply this menace runs, its psychological impact and legal options, shared Dhruv’s video on her Instagram stories with caption, “Let’s not suffer in the silence. Speak up, reach out Kyunki ab Bas!” urged Mumbai Police, Mission Josh and cyber expert Ritesh Bhatia to help Dhruv.

Following Sonakshi’s story, Mansi Dhanak and Vinav Bhanawat from Mission Josh and Ritesh Bhatia connected with Dhruv to file a complaint with requisite documents on the cyber-crime website. Within a day, a complaint was registered and the harassment and bullying targeted towards Dhruv reduced significantly.

Post the incidence, Dhruv shared Sonakshi’s story and thanked Sonakshi. He wrote“This has been the most reassuring gesture. Thank You so much for your kindness”.

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