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Darren Ambler/Cyberstalking/Harassment/Facebook


Darren Ambler/Cyberstalking/Harassment/Facebook

Identified Cyber Stalker: Darren Ambler

Case Status: Resolved/Closed:

Date of resolution 08/01/2016:

Attorney Representation: Yes:

Additional Action: Facebook Account Closed Indefinitely:


Darren S. Ambler a resident of Cherry Hill, New Jersey within the County of Camden Boro (previously a resident of Delran NJ, County of Burlington): Was identified as a Cyber Stalker, Harassment and Invading the Privacy of another party on the Facebook Forum. An attorney was secured by the Harassed party and a complete investigation was conducted and concluded.

This Case/Investigation remains on permanent file with Facebook.

Facts: Darren Ambler began stalking, harassing and invading the privacy of a former friend on the Facebook Forum on or about April 19, 2016. Mr. Ambler began these deliberate and unlawful actions toward the other party (name omitted due to privacy concerns) for a period of almost four months.

Facts/Summary: After the harassed party discovered true and unflattering behavior / information about Darren Amber. Mr. Ambler began his Harassment and Stalking tirade against the other party through the Facebook Forum. Darren Ambler began stalking the other party and spying on his Facebook activities on a regular basis. In addition, Mr. Ambler began contacting shared Facebook Friends with untrue and damaging statements about the former friend. Darren Ambler also informed Shared Facebook Friends to Unfriend this person Immediately. Darren Ambler sent numerous messages to other Facebook members via Facebook Messenger which were defamatory, untrue and damaging about the former friend. Mr. Ambler feared that the former friend would spread word of Mr. Ambler’s inappropriate and bazaar behaviors to other Facebook friends.

Mr. Ambler did not realize that each time he logged on to Facebook that concise and very accurate records and logs were being recorded by Facebook security department. Therefore, Darren Ambler supplied Facebook and the Harassed person’s attorney with a wealth of Evidence each time he logged on to his Facebook account.

Before the Investigation concluded on August 1 2016, the attorney representing the harassed party obtained by subpoena the following Evidence:

1). Complete log in/log out logs (specified dates)

2). Messages sent via messenger from Darren Ambler to other Facebook forum members on numerous dates and times: (over a 3 month period):

3). All passwords associated with the account:

4). All related IP/ ISP Information.

5). Information when account was opened and the IP location in which the original account was first used.

6). Specific security logs which detailed each time Mr. Ambler logged on to his Facebook account and viewed the harassed person’s Facebook page.

7). Complete list of all mutual friends the two parties originally shared.

*Facts/: Investigation revealed two distinctive IP Addresses from which most activity took place on part of Darren Ambler:

*Abuse Reports were filed with appropriate Internet providers:

Conclusion: On August 01, 2016 Facebook in full agreement with Attorney for harassed party CLOSED Darren Ambler’s account INDEFINITELY:

URL associated with the account :

*Other accounts were discovered under different screen names that were being used by Darren Ambler (these accounts were also closed):

Proofs obtained did prove the following were Violated in a deliberate and continual manner:

**Statute 2C:33:4:01/ Cyber Stalking/ A Criminal Act within the state of New Jersey:

Statute: 2C:33:4:01/ Harassment/ A Criminal Act within the state of New Jersey:

Statute 2C:43:03/ Invasion of Privacy a Misdemeanor within the state of New Jersey;

All above offenses are Punishable by Jail time and fines:

Summary Conclusion:/ Harassed party could have taken further action however, it would have proven costly and stressful.

On August 19, attorney representing harassed party sent Darren Ambler a Certified letter stating that he must Cease from any further harassing and/ or staking activity or further legal action would be initiated. Also, that the attorney was in possession of embarrassing and incriminating documents and photos that would be revealed if the case was taken to the next level.

Cyber Stalking/Harassment is a serious matter and the courts take serious sanctions against anyone found guilty of committing these acts.

Facebook has the right to impose a lifetime ban from their website as they see fit.

Facebook encourages members to report any harassment or misuse of the forum immediately.

Darren Ambler Violated Facebook forum rules and standard of conduct numerous times since becoming a Facebook member.

Facebook has heightened its security and continually monitors its web site. Suspected violations will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

Aside from Violating Facebook rules and standard of conduct, it is obvious Darren Ambler can not handle a Facebook account in a mature and responsible manner.

Cyber Stalking Laws were also Violated:

*Additional Information my be obtained by viewing the following websites:

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13 thoughts on “Darren Ambler/Cyberstalking/Harassment/Facebook

  1. Glad to see someone took action against an on line Predator like this. He came close to being a convicted felon. Hope this idiot grows up and gets some sense.

  2. They are really enforcing Cyber Laws . Which is a good thing. Cyber Bullying can leave serious scars on it’s victims. Computer/Internet related crimes are Felonies. I read about this particular case and I must agree, the Cyber Stalker was not too bright leaving a trail of evidence that directly implicated himself. what argument could he possibly have? If IP Number and Geographic location identified this guy then he is Guilty case over. Stalkers must learn to utilize their time. I know that I am so busy I don’t have time to spend on the Internet. On the other hand Cyber Stalkers probably spend their life on line obsessively monitoring and stalking specific web sites and Forums. Very sick behavior.

  3. I am all for the “Stiffest” Penalties that can be handed down. A Cyber Stalker literally turned our daughters life upside down. This obsessed stalker terrified our daughter to the point that she got sick and couldn’t eat.

    Finally, my husband and I hired am Attorney that specialized in computer crime. It took 14 months for an investigation and Court Hearing. It was well worth it. The Cyber Bully ended up getting 18 months in Jail and a fine of $15,000. People don’t understand the long term Psychological impact this kind of thing can have on a person. Computers and access to the Internet are not for the ‘mentally deranged’.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Absolutely appalling and unacceptable. But when he’s paying for the crime….
      I bet he’ll have a new lease on life then!

      My my my

  4. Cyberstalkers need to be punished. I agree, Cyberbullies are probably mentally disturbed individuals. However, being disturbed is no “EXCUSE’ and the laws must be enforced. It probably holds true that Internet abusers think they will never be caught. But more and more prosecutions are occurring for computer crime. “Hurray”! A cyberstalker has no right to disrupt anyone’s life. The above post by llole which he or she makes the comment “Crazy ass bitch”. Don’t know whom llole is referring to? But any Cyberstalker in my opinion is “Crazy”- “Nuts”-“Deranged” etc. Absolutely “Abnormal” in every way and probably lives a very troubled and distorted existance.

  5. I agree with the rest of the forum members. How could a cyberbully justify his/or her actions? You can tell the right of way that this post was taken from a legal document, just the way it’s worded very technical & legal. I would be interested in knowing how the guilty stalker feels about what he did? Does he or she have any guilt or sorrow? Do they care about the possible long-term emotional effect their stalking may have had on the victim? I know even if I was angry at one of my best friends or a sorority sister I would never retaliate against them. Most people wouldn’t. Since most stalkers are probably heartless, uncaring, and closed-minded, they probably don’t care about anyone else. I read horror stories about how cyberstalking victims suffered long after the incident occurred. That is probably why they have support groups for cyberstalking victims. More than likely cyberstalkers are only sorry about one thing “

    DATE: 03/04/2021






    Finally, after an 7-month trial the perpetrator got what he deserved. He will get jail time but we won’t know details until April 18.

    Any victim of cyberstalking do not be afraid to speak up. These sickos must be punished. Judges and Jurys have little tolerance for anyone found guilty of felony cyberstalking. This bum terrorized his victims. hurray justice prevailed!

  7. PETER HARTIGAN &Associates: LLP
    Re: Cyber-Stalking/ Cyber-Crime:

    I have handled numerous cases involving Internet crime for 32 years. It isn’t surprising that as the years go by and people use the Internet more frequently that Internet crime has increased ‘two fold’.

    Back in the early 1990’s the Internet was in its infancy. At that time computer related crime was not a significant problem. However, within 3 years Computer crime was increasing at an alarming rate. It was around this time that “CYBER-STALKING” became a familiar word and the impact it was having on society was quite serious.

    Nearly every state has enacted stiff penalties for anyone found “GUILTY” of a Cyber-Crime. Even first time offenders with no previous criminal record are receiving Jail time and “STIFF” fines. Judges take no pity on CONVICTED Cyber-Stalkers. Cyber Crimes are plain and simple “FELONIES ‘.

    Within my 30 plus years practicing law I have represented Clients on both sides of the fence. I have represented those accused of Computer Crimes as well as those who were Victimized by their Cyber-Stalkers. I must say those accused of Cyber stalking and related Computer Crimes are almost always “Convicted” once “IP” address/Location is presented in “Open Court”. IP ADDRESS Data is Powerful evidence. Almost as “INCRIMINATING” as a Fingerprint.

    IP information identifies the Computer data as well as the Service or Internet Provider used. Name, address, Geographic area, Type of Service used etc. This Critical data can be retrieved and used very effectively against the accused. Of course, other evidence and testimony are important in a case of this nature. Jury’s weigh heavily on IP/ISP DOCUMENTATION. This is why many Defendants plead the “FIFTH”. A Cyber-Stalker doesn’t need “Purger y” charges added to his/her Case.

    I have found after trying many of these cases that the majority of Cyber-Stalkers are Male. In addition, in upwards of 90% of Cyber-Stalkers have “Emotional” Disturbances to a serious degree. Many ‘Stalkers’ abuse drugs and alcohol. A large portion of male Cyber-Stalkers are “Controlling”, “Possessive” and they tend to have “Anti-Social” type Personalities. Finally, a familiar trait nearly all Cyber-Stalkers possess is that they tend to be “Loners” and somewhat “Withdrawn”. The fact that Cyber-Stalkers are “Controlling” and rarely admit wrong doing, it Can be extremely difficult for an Attorney to deal with people like this on any level.

    When I would defend an accused Cyber-Stalker, if strong evidence existed from the opposing attorney I couldn’t say my Client was innocent. The only thing I could ask the court is to lighten the sentence which normally did not work. Therefore, I learned early on it’s far easier to prove a Cyber-Stalkers “Guilt’ as opposed to defending someone accused of Cyber-stalking. Sentences can be quite harsh. Which is the Judge and Jury’s way of sending a “NO TOLERANCE MESSAGE” to Society.

    Many Clients I defended over the years were forced to Admit Cyber stalking due to the accusations and evidence. However, many clients left me with the impression that even though they knew their actions were “Wrong”, that somehow in their mind their Victim deserved to be “Cyber-Stalked”. That is when I concluded that Cyber-stalking was very “Personal” and “Deliberate”.

    Many times the Cyber-Stalker’s Victim was someone that they were once close to. “Yes” Cyber-stalking can be an act of Revenge or Retaliation. REGARDLESS, Cyber-bullying is a Serious Crime that can literally “RUIN” one’s life, family and career if convicted.

    The Victims of Cyber-bullying can suffer a great deal also. The Victim can suffer from Anxiety, Stress, Fear and Depression. I used to refer any client who was a Victim of Cyber-bullying to Therapist’s and Support groups. Even after their Case/Trial concluded the “Nightmare” for many of these people was not yet over. Emotional scars can linger for years.


    I am semi-retired now. I still try a few Computer Crime cases each year. Mainly, I devote my career and knowledge about Law to teaching at the University and co-authoring books. My son is now a practicing Attorney in Joliet. As a father, I am very proud of my Josh and his family.

    In Conclusion:

    Remember, report Cyber-Crime “IMMEDIATELY”. Never ignore Cyber-stalking. It will only get worse over time. Cyber-stalkers seldom stop on their own. They can be out of control and they can pose a great “Threat” to their Victims. CYBER-STALKING can be about ‘CONTROL’. Report incidents to POLICE and the Internet Provider {if known}. You must protect yourself.

  8. I am a Certified IT Specialist for a large organization. It does seem that when people learn about the abundance of things they can do online as well as all the Internet forums and resources available, they tend to abuse the Internet more. My department assists with Forensic investigations. We receive Subpoena all the time. According to law, we must comply with a court order immediately. A person online must realize that privacy rights do not apply when investigations are made, especially when the courts get involved. Essentially, every piece of personal data is released when a subpoena is served. Literally, personal information can become an open book once an organization is forced to turn it over.

  9. I feel nasty comments and chipping away at this mans self-worth is wrong. “Those without sin cast the first stone”. I think the public needs to keep that in mind before you Judge another. I admit from what I’ve read yes he certainly seems to lack ‘moral fiber’, scruples’, self-respect’ and certainly dignity. But no one knows how he was raised or what demons he had. This man has to be confused and miserable. I’ve read three on line articles about this troubled soul. Normal people don’t live their lives obsessing about sex, sleeping with prostitutes, tormenting people on the Internet and Lord knows what else? He very well may have social diseases also. From what I’ve read on the Web this person has done more than harass someone on Facebook. No one lives this way by choice. I believe he is physically and mentally unhealthy. I am sure he feels trapped and isolated not knowing where to turn. I’ve seen lost souls like this change their lustful sinful lives. I have also seen people like this sink deeper into despair, depression and hopelessness. It can go either way. Verbally attacking this man isn’t helping his fragile state of mind.

    Yes, this person is a Sinner and needs God desperately before it’s too late. Being that said, it does not give anyone the right to demean and pass judgment upon him. Maybe this immoral way of life is all this poor, helpless creature knows. Also, people that bully others on line are very sick unbalanced people. His judgment may be so impaired he doesn’t know any better. Criticizing and attacking him is not the answer. I’m sure his self-esteem is at an all time low. Many times people in a fragile state of mind use, Food, Dope, Pornography, Sadistic rituals and Sex to fill a void in their life. Clearly Satan has taken control of this persons mind.

    This confused sinner needs help, possible counseling, therapy etc. Someone in his frame of mind is no good to himself or anyone. He could have social diseases that are causing deterioration of the brain. Once the cortex part of the brain is damaged the person can act odd and lose touch with reality. This lost Soul needs prayer and guidance. He must establish a relationship with God. Ask for forgiveness then make an effort to change. No one has the right to judge this sick, lonely, misplaced creature. Lets hope and pray he doesn’t infect or act out against anyone else. Pray he realizes that he is committing SIN with his lies, fornication, mistreatment and adulterous ways. Pray he makes an effort to change evil ways and follow God! Remember God forgives all sins. God Bless!

    Rev. Cheryl Wilson
    First Congregational Church
    A Baptist based organization.

  10. I know Internet crime and stalking is on the rise. A person has a right to have their stalker investigated and take appropriate court action. Maybe that’s the only way a cyberbully will learn a lesson the hard way. Some people need extreme action taken against them before they wise up and realize their behavior is not only intolerable but also Illegal. Most people that have self-respect and a respect for the law will not tolerate stalking behavior.


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