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Bekasi bullying victim allegedly forced to kiss her bully …

Bekasi bullying victim allegedly forced to kiss her bully …

A high school student in Bekasi regency was bullied into kissing her bully’s foot for wearing makeup to school, in an incident that reportedly led to her trauma and refusal to leave her house.  

The victim, a student at a vocational high school (SMK) in the regency identified by her initials DS, was allegedly harassed by at least two other female students from a different school. 

A video of the incident has since made the rounds online, in which DS was seen squatting and attempting to cover her face while one of her bullies forced her to kiss her foot. The bully behind the camera also kicked DS in the face.

“She already apologized to me, this is the person, this is the one who was said to be wearing makeup,” the bully can be heard telling DS off, who was visibly holding back her tears.

The bully then extended her right foot to DS, ordering the latter to stroke and kiss it 10 times, to which she obeyed. Seemingly satisfied by their vile acts, the bully laughed at DS and gave her a final warning.

“Don’t repeat that, let me remind you that the next time you’re going to school, don’t put on any makeup, yeah? Okay?”

Another clip showed DS sitting on a motorcycle and then forcefully pulled away by one of the bullies until she fell to the ground.

It’s unclear what prompted students from another school to bully DS, though the two schools are both located in the South Tambun sub-district. 

According to DS’ mother, who is identified as NS, her daughter has refused to leave the house since the video of her harassment started going viral. She hopes that counseling would help her heal from the traumatic incident. 

“She’s ashamed, she doesn’t want to go out because her face has gone viral on social media,” NS said yesterday.

Wulan Mayasari, the counseling guidance commissioner from the Regional Child Protection Commision (KPAD) in Bekasi regency said her team will provide DS with trauma healing. Meanwhile, Tambun sub-precinct chief Gana Yudha said DS has undergone a medical examination at a local hospital, the result of which will be used as evidence should she choose to file a police report against her alleged bullies.

However, the case appears to be closed as DS and the alleged bullies, as well as their parents, settled the case with a mediation session with the police yesterday evening. Police said that DS was reluctant to file charges against her alleged bullies and opted to resolve the matter in kekeluargaan manner. Kekeluargaan, which roughly translates to “between family members,” is an Indonesian euphemism for amicably coming to an agreement not to press charges for a crime.

Prior to the mediation route, police encouraged DS to file a report as a deterrent to the alleged bullies. They eventually signed a written statement promising not to bully anyone anymore. In addition, they are also expected to attend counseling provided by the KPAD.

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