Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Ahaana shares her cyber bullying video’s dubsmash by …

Ahaana shares her cyber bullying video’s dubsmash by …

On July 18, Malayalam actress Ahaana Krishna, on her Youtube Channel, had uploaded a video that was titled ‘A Love Letter to Cyber Bullies.’ She made the video after being at the receiving end of numerous trolls, memes and more that targeted her, her family and films, for quite a few years, just like many other actors. Once Ahaana’s video was out, it led to a discussion on the same on various forums connected to Malayalam cinema. Even actors did their own contributions to lend their support to Ahaana, by sharing the video, commenting on it and more. A few also made dubsmash videos with clips from the same, and Ahaana recently made a video lining them all up. Check it out:

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