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Katie Price Trolled Following Autism’s Got Talent Appearance

Katie Price Trolled Following Autism’s Got Talent Appearance

Report #: 4432

Date Reported: Sunday, October 13, 2019

Status: Past Incident

Severity: Moderate – Public Bullying

Primary Weapon: Social Networks

Specific Location: West London

City/Local Area: London

State/Territory: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Region: Europe

British Celebrity Katie Price was trolled recently following an appearance on Autism’s Got Talent with her son. The trolls claimed to think that she has a “droopy” and “lop-sided” face. They must need an eye exam because she looks great from here. It is hard to believe that this woman is over 40 years old. She looks at least ten years younger.

She has obviously had some work done, but that work appears to have worked well. The provocation for the trolls seems to be her recent plastic surgeries. What are they talking about?

Whoever these trolls are they probably are a bunch of lop sided droopy faced morons that will never be a model like her.

Harvey Price on Autism’s Got Talent

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