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Is your kid getting bullied in school? Here’s how you can …

Is your kid getting bullied in school? Here’s how you can …

It is a very common issue amongst kids where they are bullied by their classmates or seniors in school. This has to be stopped for the child’s well-being. So, here’s what you can do to stop bullies.

Is your kid getting bullied in school? Here’s how you can protect him or herIs your kid getting bullied in school? Here’s how you can protect him or her

Are you 100 percent sure that your kid is not tolerating bullies in school? This is a major problem among kids if they are going through the bullying from their schoolmates. Often children don’t want to talk about it to their parents.

As a result, they tend to suffer from great mental trauma, and later, this leads to many issues in life as well. So, you have to have a strict eye on your kid to be sure that he or she isn’t being bullied. And when you sense that something is not alright, then talk to your kids right then and help them to fight the situation. So, here’s how you can save your kids from bullies.

Stop bullies before it starts

What to do to prevent bullies?

Talk to your kids before they fall for bullying. And these are the things you can do for it:

1-   Create a list of responses for them which he can use to stop bullies like “Yes. Whatever”. But don’t tell them to say “Leave me alone” or “Back off”.

2-   Practice some role-plays with your kid to prepare them for actual situations.

3-   Talk to them about bullies openly, so that they won’t hesitate to share anything.

4-   Build confidence in them and teach them positive body language to be smart.

Reactions against bullies

You should teach your kids about these reactions that can intimidate those who are bullying:

1-   Don’t feel bad about those words and never take them personally. When someone is bullying you, say something positive to yourself to be confident.

2-   Don’t even reward the bullies with tears because this will encourage them to do something nastier to your kids.

3-   Respond to the bully with laugh and humour and just walk away from him.

Actions against bullying

When you see that your kid is constantly getting disturbed by the bullies and you cannot stop this at all, then it’s time to take these actions:

1-   Talk to your kid’s teacher, school counsellor or principal about it to take action about it.

2-   Try to approach to the kid’s parents who is bullying your child. Talk to them about it, so that they can figure this out with their kid as well.

3-   Stay in contact with the administrative department of the school because they cannot track each and every incident, so you have to inform them about the bullies.

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