Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

/r/The_Donald Quarantined Due to Abuse

/r/The_Donald Quarantined Due to Abuse

/r/The_Donald Quarantined Due to Abuse

/r/The_Donald Quarantined Due to Abuse

Report #: 4430

Date Reported: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Status: Active and Ongoing

Severity: Moderate – Public Bullying

Primary Weapon: Social Networks

Specific Location: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

City/Local Area: Washington

State/Territory: District of Columbia

Region: United States

More Info:

People keep posting threats on /r/The_Donald so Reddit quarantined it. Now it is heavily moderated to keep people from posting garbage. It seems that nobody can speak out in favor of the president without being harassed online. Either through threats or pranksters posting so called Trump Tweets. Trolls are everywhere especially if you are a conservative.


Reddit Quarantine

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