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Victims of cyber bullying told ‘you are not alone’ during …

Victims of cyber bullying told ‘you are not alone’ during …

While many of us are turning to the internet for entertainment while isolating, Cumbria is reminded that “they aren’t alone”.

Young entrepreneur Oliver Hodgson is wary of cyber bullying and internet trolls increasing with the rise in social media use during lockdown, and wants anyone falling victim to online abuse to get help.

“You hear of celebrities and public figures being victims of internet trolling, however it doesn’t just happen to those with a following – it happens to us all,” the Gosforth teen said.

“Those who fall victim to this kind of bullying should know there is help out there, and that you are not alone.”

Oliver has felt extremely down from comments online in the past, and says the key to getting through it is to “think about who you are letting in”.

He said: “It sure is great to be able to connect with friends and family on social media, however it can become a very toxic place if you mismanage who you ‘allow in’.

“Think about who you are letting in, and who you are granting easy access to contacting you.

“Try to not let any sort of derogatory comments and actions affect you, please reach out if you feel you are in a low way and want to talk to somebody.”

He added a final message of hope, saying: “If you do experience bullying online or through other means please reach out and talk to a relative, a friend or just anyone you can trust.”

“Be you, be amazing and be who you want to be.”

If you need support, contact the Samaritans by texting or calling 116 123, or email

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