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Racially charged cyber bullying torments teens in Raleigh …

Racially charged cyber bullying torments teens in Raleigh …

COAL CITY, W.Va (WVVA) – The mother of a middle school student in Raleigh County says her son is being subjected to racial harassment and cyber bullying posted on social media, but no action has reportedly been taken against the author of an Instagram page called “IMS Gossip,” which is said to target students at Independence Middle School.

“I think there were about 50 posts that were made, if I’m not mistaken, and I mean she (the person running the IG page) targeted every child of color in the school and there were some other… students too, but there’s a picture of my son, underneath there’s a post and it says ‘there’s the N-word of our school,'” said Lakeisha Thompson, mother of a teenage boy who was targeted online.

A post was created about about a week ago on Instagram’s “IMS Gossip” page, and Thompson says the student who reportedly made the post, featuring a photograph of her son, goes on to say “… should he be picking cotton or something? Black people are so nasty, look at them with their nasty tangled hair and weird skin.”

Thompson says the posts started a month into the new school year and her son is at a breaking point, seeing no consequences for the author.

“He comes home from school every day crying. He doesn’t want to go to school. He’s talked about suicide several times, and more so now…,” said Thompson.

Thompson says she has approached school administrators at Independence Middle, and they say the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office is involved, but it’s months after the racially charged cyberbullying started.

“It’s heartwrenching…to know that someone feels that way about your kid and for no reason other than his skin color or his hair, things that he can’t change about himself and there’s no reason why he should want to change those things about himself….but he does because he wants to be accepted,” said Thompson.

Thompson wants answers.

“They say his hair is weird or thery say that his hair is nasty or his skin is nasty, which you saw in the post..and for some reason this girl that made this post is being protected by the school and I don’t know why..but I would like to see something done about it,” said Thompson.

WVVA called Independence Middle School Wednesday morning. That call was returned late in the afternoon. A person who only identified themself as an administrator directed our question to the school Superintendent. We called that office as well and left a message, which has not been returned yet.

We also reached out to the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department, as they provide the School Resource Officer at Independence Middle School.

Sheriff Scott Van Meter tells WVVA that this matter is being investigated, but that was all he could say at this time. We will continue to follow this story.

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