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Tori Spelling on Bullying

Tori Spelling on Bullying

Tori Spelling’s oldest two kids, Stella and Liam, ages 11 and 12, get bullied at school, and it has her worried.

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Tori Spelling

A few days ago on Instagram, Tori shared a picture of Stella and Liam as babies with a very lengthy caption detailing their ordeal with bullying.

Stella has endured such awful treatment at multiple schools that now she has ‘panic attacks’ and ‘doesn’t want to return to school,’ Tori said.

Tori said that at Stella’s old school (Encino) she was told that she was acting like a ‘victim’ and that the bully was ‘trying to change,’ but the bully ‘never changed.’ According to Tori, the bully’s parents were members of the school board and they donated more money to the school than Tori’s family could afford, so they ‘won.’


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Tori Spelling and Family

So after a fight that they lost, Tori sent Stella to a different school, a school with the message of kindness as a priority. Shockingly enough, in spite of the message of kindness, Stella was bullied at this school as well. The new school eventually expelled the bully, but by that point, Stella’s panic attacks and hate of school had already begun.

Liam’s fight at the kids’ old school, Encino, was difficult as well. He did graduate from the elementary school ‘last year,’ but Tori said that the principal told her Liam was ‘unmotivated’ and ‘lazy.’

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott posing for a photo: Tori Spelling and Family

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Tori Spelling and Family

Then, when he joined Stella at her middle school as a new student, he began to be bullied to the point of becoming physically ill. According to Tori, he began getting ‘stomach aches’ and ‘headaches’ as a result of the bullying. Even though this school expelled the kid bullying Stella, nobody at the school helped Liam.

Tori then said she, ‘was hesitant to post this bc as celebs we are sometimes judged for having problems others have #worriedmomma.’

Well, regardless of if Tori and her husband are famous, kids are kids, and bullying is wrong.

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Tori Spelling and Family

Tori’s numerous posts on Instagram and Twitter show her dedication as a wife and mother.

While any kid, celeb or not, being bullied is sad, awful, and unacceptable, there are even more celebrity children that get bullied. In 2014, Jenny McCarthy told ‘The View’ that her autistic son had been bullied at summer camp.

‘Khloe Kardashian,’ ‘Madonna,’ and ‘Jessica Alba’ were also all bullied as kids.

‘According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, close to half of all children will experience school bullying at some point while they are at primary or secondary school, and at least 10 percent of those kids are bullied regularly.’

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Tori Spelling and Family even has lists of warning signs that a child may be getting bullied or may be bullying others.

Recently, there have even been celebrities standing up for kids that are getting bullied. Hugh Jackman recently shared a video encouraging an Australian boy named Quaden Bayles who had been bullied saying, ‘Quaden, you are stronger than you know.’ The news of the bullying reached Jackman as a result of Quaden’s mom sharing a video of him crying after being bullied.

Jackman was not the only one to reach out with support after seeing the video. ‘Jeffrey Dean Morgan’ from Supernatural and ‘Mark Hamill’ who played Luke Skywalker were among many others who left kind words for Quaden.

Bullying is a big deal. No matter who tries to sweep it under the rug, we need to speak up when it happens. Kids like Quaden, Stella, and Liam are suffering all over the world as a result of bullying.

Let’s raise a battle cry together to end bullying.

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