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Date Reported: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Status: Active and Ongoing

Severity: Elevated – Smear Campaign

Primary Weapon: Comment Boards

Specific Location: MEETUP.COM

City/Local Area: New York City

State/Territory: New York

Region: United States

More Info:

On Friday, November 29, 2019, at 5:00 PM, Girlfriends of North Las Vegas had a meetup. I and the organizer Sharon arrived on time. A woman, whose name I cannot recall arrived a half hour LATE and immediately began harassing me, I will refer to her as “D” for now. I immediately noticed that D appeared and spoke as if she had a stroke. I asked a question and D told me to shut up and that my question was taking too long. D continued to berate me, so I got up and left and when I arrived Home I immediately DELETED myself from the group. I also surmised that D’s health state may have affected her cognitive thinking and inability to get along with others. The same day, I filed a Complaint and reported the situation to meetup. When I began to delete myself from the group meetup asked me why I was leaving so I posted the reason on the meetups board, and stated that I was harassed and verbally assaulted by a psycho woman, who’s name I did state in my Complaint to meetup. In approximately 3 days I received an email from meetup that my entire account had been disabled, which is akin to “blaming the victim”. I never received an apology from meetup, the organizer or the woman that verbally assaulted me without warrant at T.G.I. Friday’s

Meetup has disabled my account, so at this point Meetup is also bullying me, as I was the victim. Because meetup has corrborated when I was bullied, I must report to agencies licensed to handle CYBERBULLYING.


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