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Dubai school takes action after bullying video goes viral

Dubai school takes action after bullying video goes viral

a blurry image of a person: Dubai school takes action after bullying video goes viral© Provided by Khaleej Times
Dubai school takes action after bullying video goes viral

Private school regulators and school authorities are investigating a video clip of a Dubai school student who appears to be threatening and harassing another student.

The video clip went viral on social media platforms, where the girl was seen viciously tugging on the hair of another student while threatening her to not report the incident. The video surfaced online on Sunday and has received massive backlash from the student and parent community demanding swift action against the student.

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The incident, which reportedly took place at the GEMS World Academy a few weeks ago, is under investigation, said GEMS Education.  

A spokesperson from the education provider said, “We are aware of an earlier incident at one of our schools and can confirm that appropriate action has already been taken in accordance with our safeguarding policy.”

He added, “The school acted promptly to investigate and resolve the issue and we will continue to prioritise the safety, security and well-being of all our students.”

Dubai’s private school regulator Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) said it is also investigating the 57 second clip. The video came to KHDA’s attention late last night, and in response to the post, KHDA said, “We agree, this is unacceptable.”

In the video, the alleged bully is seen threatening what appears to be her classmate. She asked her while pulling at her hair, “Shall I punch you? I will let you go, but don’t do that again,” she said while smiling at the girl.

The video was widely tweeted and re-tweeted by users. Earlier some social media users wrongly identified the incident to have taken place in Repton School, Dubai. However, users later identified the students to be from GEMS World Academy.

A Twitter user @Preety011 said, “In my opinion such video needed to go viral to expose the bully and not the one getting bullied. This is a lesson and awareness for lot of parents too as to what’s happening around the so-called safe and secure walls of the school and class rooms.”

Another user @imrealkomal said, “I am terrified to send my children to school after this.”  

@tiothezbaidi said, “Bullying is horrible. A great amount of people get bullied every day and I was one of these people. If I was that girl, it would hurt me if I saw twitter users sharing a video of me getting bullied in the name of spreading awareness.”

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