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Hang Sardila Nguyen from Indonesia


Hang Sardila Nguyen from Indonesia

Report #: 3430

Date Reported: Saturday, October 5, 2019

Status: Active and Ongoing

Severity: Low – Private Harassment

Primary Weapon: Email

Specific Location:

City/Local Area: Caracas

State/Territory: Venezuela

Region: South America

More Info:

Someone claiming to be Hang Sardila Nguyen from Indonesia has been sending me spam trying to trick me into some kind of scam. He does not say what it is exactly but it is obviously a scam of some sort. The email claims to be from hangsardilanguyen at but the server name is and the ip address ( is in Venezuela.

The most recent email read as follows:


I am Hang Sardila Nguyen from Indonesia. But my husband came from Hanoi and we live in United Kingdom sorry I did not write the language well because I was still learning the language. I noticed that you are responsible and would like to discuss some urgent issues with you.

Please reply as soon as possible well I am in the hospital now.

Thank you,

Hang Sardila Nguyen.

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1 thought on “Hang Sardila Nguyen from Indonesia

  1. Saya juga mendapatkan hal yang sama di masengger saya,, tapi saya ingin tau lebih jauh tentang dia,, setelah saya tau bentuk penipuannya saya akan lapor ke polisi. Saya husni dari indonesia meneriama pesan yang mungkin sama dengan anda.


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