Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Beauty retailer faces claims of bullying, vows reform …

Beauty retailer faces claims of bullying, vows reform …

Prompted by the discrimination and favouritism controversy, Mecca founder and owner Jo Horgan promised staff that the company would review and reform its policies and practices.

In a message to Mecca employees, she expressed her sadness at learning about the numerous allegations. She said that they take such claims seriously.

“If we are not meeting these standards, we need to acknowledge this, apologise, and make the necessary changes,” Horgan said.

The company has brought in an external culture specialist to help recommend changes to the workplace. It has also come up with a new hotline where employees can anonymously share their work experiences.

Mecca is one of the biggest beauty brands in Australia, dominating as much as 25% of the $2.4bn cosmetics market. The group employs 4,000 workers across 100 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

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