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Officer Nicolas Russell On Leave for Cyberstalking Woman


Officer Nicolas Russell On Leave for Cyberstalking Woman

Report #: 4442

Date Reported: Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Status: Past Incident

Severity: High – Cyberstalking

Primary Weapon: Investigative Services

Specific Location: Lincoln Police Department

City/Local Area: Lincoln

State/Territory: Nebraska

Region: United States

Lincoln Police Officer Nicolas Russell has been suspended without pay after a woman obtained a protective order against him for among other things cyberstalking her using the LPD database. She also said that he stalked her phone log. Police officers are one of the worst types of cyberstalkers, but usually they are not held accountable because the people they are stalking are suspects in their investigations or people with active warrants.

The police chief went into Officer Russell’s troubled history in a Facebook video that made it obvious that this is far from the first time he has been accused of wrongdoing by an intimate partner.

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