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Brian Perez Stalked Bella Hadid Online and in Person

Brian Perez Stalked Bella Hadid Online and in Person

Report #: 4440

Date Reported: Saturday, November 9, 2019

Status: Past Incident

Severity: High – Cyberstalking

Primary Weapon: Other

Specific Location: Fordham Manor

City/Local Area: New York City

State/Territory: New York

Region: United States

37 year old Brian Perez of Fordham Manor went to super model Bella Hadid’s home in New York City, took a picture of the place, and sent her messages on Instagram asking her if she wanted him to come over before saying that he was in fact coming over. Hadid later spotted Perez lurking outside of her apartment.

Perez was later arrested and eventually took a diversion plea that would let him avoid a conviction if he stayed out of trouble for six months, had no contact with Bella Hadid, etc.

It is not known exactly how he found her home address so this post is being placed in the other cyberstalking category. He it surely required digital means of some sort to find her home. Perez probably looked up Bella Hadid on a people search website, found an address, and went there. He also may have used a private investigator or a maps to stars homes website.

Brian Perez Arrested for Stalking

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