Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Psycho Ex-Bf or Psycho Ex-Bf’s New Gf pt 2


Psycho Ex-Bf or Psycho Ex-Bf’s New Gf pt 2

Psycho Ex-Bf or Psycho Ex-Bf's New Gf pt 2This the first twitter account that has been made to bash a @m_daedal and her friends, but primarily her. We think it is either @m_daedal's ex boyfriend or his new girlfriend. She no longer speaks to or even associates herself with her ex or his new girlfriend. He has been stalking her on twitter, and Facebook. He even made a fake twitter account trying to impersonate @m_daedal before she had twitter. There are several different tweets which he tries to bash this girl, for example: "won't be unfair to @m_daedal tho, atleast her mouth & spit is hot when she would give me head game tho unless she's been practicing, "@m_daedal Es tremenda putaaa, con chocha q no sirve ni pa regalar, bajo a boca y sin desodorante, tiene tremendo bajo a grajo, afeitate!" @m_daedal might have missed a few doctors appointments. Doesn't your health insurance cover the fix-up of those crooked yellow bottom teeth?" As you can see he is trying to bash her in many ways and in two languages. This twitter account was started on Thanksgiving. Can we please get to the bottom of this and try to prevent this person from making a third account. The first account is this one and the second one is: @MarielAndVicky. We hope you can help.

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Published at Tue, 12 Oct 2021 21:38:03 GMT

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