Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Kiwi Farms Users Attack Me Indirectly


Kiwi Farms Users Attack Me Indirectly

Kiwi Farms Users Attack Me IndirectlyThere are so many bullies cross-stalking me online on DevinatART, FurAffinity, YouTube, and any site I'm in. I have a severe mental problem, which is why I was targeted to bullying. Kiwi Farms is famous for targeting people with minorities like autism, transgender, blacks, etc.

They always follow me and taking pictures of my activities. They even steal my art and creations, and they archiving my links to the website I hid at. I noticed that it was a hate site. Kiwi Farms originated from an imageboard made by a bunch of 4chan users that are gathered in order to attack the autistic transgender person who made a webcomic about a character who is a fusion between Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu from Pokemon. Most of the Kiwi Farms users are anime-loving freaks (as seen in their avatars)

Kiwi Farms users Yukari Yakumo and KVenus are the two of the most active users out there. #kiwifarms #evil #screencap #
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