NEW TRIER TOWNSHIP, IL — Across the country, it’s a problem that affects more than one in five students: Bullying. And while some boil it down to the idea that “kids will be kids,” studies show that students who are bullied are at increased risk for anxiety, depression, poor self-image, mental health and behavior problems and poor school adjustment.

As National Bullying Prevention Month gets underway, Patch is taking a look at how school districts across Illinois handle and report bullying, and the impact it has on students.

We’re asking local parents to share their experiences and thoughts on bullying in Sunset Ridge District 29, Winnetka School District 36, Avoca School District 37, Kenilworth School District 38, Wilmette School District 39 and New Trier Township High School.

Please take a few moments to fill out Illinois Patch’s parent bullying survey below. Responses are due Friday, Oct. 11. All responses are anonymous, and no names will be used.

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The Menace Of Bullies: Patch Advocacy Reporting Project

As part of a national reporting project, Patch has been looking at society’s roles and responsibilities in bullying and a child’s unthinkable decision to end their own life in hopes we might offer solutions that save lives.

Do you have a story to tell? Are you concerned about how your local schools handle bullies and their victims?

Email us at and share your views in the comments.

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